WTB Tire Bailiff 4.5 x 27.5″ 120tpi TCS Light/FR DNA studded black

– 27.5″ fat bike tire, developed for snow, ice, mud and sand – Widely-spaced knobs for improved braking and cornering traction on packed snow – Available with or without carbide studs pre-installed, both versions feature 312 stud pockets for unbeatable traction on ice – Tubeless-ready 120 tpi casing provides a supple ride feel and conforms to all surface conditions – Snow-specific rubber compounds that remain soft and flexible even in extremely cold temperatures – Application: Fat bike (perfect for snow and ice) – Version: TCS Light / Fast Rolling – Size: 27.5″ – Width: 4.5″ – Weight: 1530 g (without spikes), 1617 g (with spikes) – Colour: Black – Casing: Light – Threads per inch (TPI): 120 – Optimum inner rim width: 74 – 80 mm – Bead: Tubeless folding



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