Tire Vigilante 2.3 x 29″ 60tpi TriTec SG2 / TCS Light FR black

– Aggressive, premier and unwavering…those were all words we used to describe the original Vigilante 2.3 and they still ring true about this updated Vigilante available in modern widths – Square-lugged knobs still deliver unwavering traction, yet with added height to ensure they dig even deeper into loose, unpredictable terrain Increased circumferential spacing allows the tread to remain clear in sticky conditions as hefty outer knobs protect the sidewall while you send it down the chunkiest rock gardens – SG2 tire versions are equipped with a bead-to-bead puncture protection (ultra-thin woven nylon insert – for better puncture protection) – Usage: Trail, Enduro – Casing: Light – Threads per inch (TPI): 60 – Bead: Tubeless Folding Tire – Colour: Black, Black-Tan



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