Tire Ranger 3.0 x 29 60tpi Dual DNA SG2 / TCS Light HG black

– Searching for the ultimate do-all tire? Meet the Ranger… bikepacker approved, trail ready – Weight optimized to outperform in all environments and excel on longer rides – Dry to wet, hardpack or loam, the Ranger isn’t intimidated – SG2 tire versions are equipped with bead-to-bead puncture protection (ultra-thin woven nylon insert – for better puncture protection) – Usages: Cross-Country, Trail, Bikepacking – Widths: 2.25″, 2.4″, 2.8″ (27.5″), 3.0″ – Colours: Black, Black-Tan – Casing: Light – Threads per inch (TPI): 120, 60 – Bead: Tubeless Folding Tire, Wird Bead



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